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Shipping & Refund Policy is the place to get hassle-free delivery of medicines directly at home from world’s top class pharmaceutical companies. Our commitments for providing you with healthy health products keep us stand strong on grounds of quality products. We have assigned trustworthy companies for completing courier tasks in safe and fast shipping manner.

Following the confirmation of your order we put our best efforts to pack and dispatch your medications in appropriate manner so that you can get faster deliveries right at time. As soon as the courier is booked for your address, you will be given a tracking number of your order for your convenience.

For an added support and service assistance, we are available at our customer care desk around the clock. You can resolve your queries and freely contact us anytime for assistance.


Shipping Services:

Quick shipping - Overnight Mail shipping – This sort of courier services are available for customers in U.S and U.K. Overnight shipping work successfully to deliver inside U.S. and U.K. within 2 to 5 business days. This sort of services cost $150.

Express delivery - Mail shipping – This is a shipping facility that takes around 5 to 7 days to ship and works from U.S to U.S. This is comparatively cheaper form of booking your package with flat $100 cost.

Regular - Normal Mail shipping: - Customers from U.K. and EUROPE can avail this shipping manner. The transportation is done from U.K. to U.K. and U.K. to Europe. These sort of shipping facilities take 7 to 12 business days to ship your order and are available at budget friendly pricing of flat $50.

Note – we try to practice working in highly professional manner and try to meet our commitments for ensured deliveries as scheduled. However, we are helpless in case of unavoidable circumstances such as unpleasant weather condition, unavailability of means of transport due to strike or any other reasons and correct address is not mentioned during the order processing.  In such conditions, expected deliveries may vary for 1 to 2 additional working days. We will keep you updated with the current delivery schedules in such random occurrences.

In case of wrong address, we could not help you to deliver medicines right at time. It is completely your responsibility to furnish complete address details correctly at time of placing order in the address column.

Return Policy:

Return policy wok on circumstantial conditions along with re-shipping facilities:

Wrong product is delivered:  Your order and delivered product are not same. In such case, you have to contact our customer care and mentioned your issues of receiving wrong medications. Our service providers help you to get right products re-shipped to your delivery address once we receive and inspect the return medicines.

Tampered or damaged product is delivered: Consumers can contact us within 7 days of receiving the product in such conditions. However, your request for return will work only when you will help us to provide with proper evidence of tampered products. You may send us photographs or recordings of unwrapping process as you get delivery and mail it as our customer service. We assure you to precede your request and take all necessary steps so that you can get your medicines again by re-ship process initiation.

Product is undelivered:
If you are not available at the time of delivery at the assigned address of order, you can request for re-schedule delivery of your order at a later date. You may also get your parcel in your mailing box by our shipping agent.

 Order Cancellation:
If you wish to cancel your order due to tampered or damaged receiving of your order, we completely understand your grievance. We will make sure to refund your money in the manner of transaction following the approval of your request. Currently order cancellations are only available in case of damaged or tampered products receiving by the buyer and are conditionals. Buyer has to furnish us with evidence of damaged receiving of products. Contact our customer service desk for more quarries.

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