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Modes of Payment accepted

Customers’ security and safe mode of transactions are always been in our priority. For protecting customers’ privacy and personal information, we frequently checks our system and have adapted one of the most secure modes of payment such as E-check and Western Union payment options currently.
Both of these payment transaction methods are known for providing with uncomplicated user experience in every purchase while keeping customers’ data and payment security at top concern.

 E-Check payment option:

This mode of payment is valid for all states of U.S. It’s a smart manner of payment that work on automated billing form while saving time and making your transaction swift.
For opting this mode of payment, Customer has to furnish following information:

  • Bank routing number
  • Bank account number
  • Name on your bank account

Following your order, payment will be debited directly from the account mentioned automatically and it will take just few seconds to complete the process.

Western Union method:

For global customers, currently we offer payment via Western union payment mode. No need to mention, how reliable and popular this method is globally for sending and receiving money securely.To use Western Union payment mode, you will be given a MTCN (Money Control Transfer Number). You can track your payment with the help of this number.
You can also contact our customer service helpline for getting clearance about doubts related to payment as well as other queries.

Secure hassle-free shopping:

Secure and encrypted payment modes are offered by us so that customers’ security and safe transactions can take place in hassle-free manner.Since last 10 years, we have survived our identity for being one of the best online pharmaceutical products suppliers. Saving the rights of customers’ information safety and secure transactions have been two pillars for making our journey so far smooth and trustworthy. We are completely committed for saving your all rights to get authentic medications at affordable price directly at your doorstep without risking your health information and payment. So, place your order without any doubts about safety of payment! 

You are enjoying a completely safe medium for ordering your medicines at cheap price.

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