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How To Order

Select treatment medication

It’s quite easy to choose the medicines from our website and you can look for your medicines either by visiting our sections specified for treatments or simply type the name of your medicine at search bar on the upper side.

Once you have found the medicine, you can easily select the listed generic or brand medications from the menu along with the required quantity. Here, you may have to choose package size according to the availability as medications in loose quantities are not available. Adding to it, you must know that generic and brand medications both contains similar salts that work as active ingredient. However, you can buy generic medicines at comparatively cheaper price than the brand drugs. After this, you can choose “Add to Cart” option if you are satisfied with the selected options.

Fill in information

You can continue shopping or choose to proceed to billing section. You will be transferred to a safe payment option as per your selection. You can choose E-check payment or Western money transfer as per your location.

Here you have to furnish basic details about your bank account and other details in the desired spaces.

Choose delivery option

You can choose express delivery, discreet delivery or normal delivery option to book the delivery of your pack. Make sure to fill in all details as recommended in the designated fields to get your pack delivered without any hassle.

Get expected delivery details at the time of billing

We make sure to meet our commitments for delivering medicines on expected dates. You can choose bestpharmacycare for all your medicinal needs.

Happy Hassle-free ordering!

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