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Buy Zaditor Eye Drops - Generic Ketotifen Ophthalmic Solution

Buy Zaditor Eye Drops - Generic Ketotifen Ophthalmic Solution

Generic Ketotifen Ophthalmic Solution - Zaditor Eye Drops online

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What are the benefits of using Zaditor Ophthalmic Solution?

Zaditor is an eminent anti-histaminic brand that encloses Ketotifen as its chief active constituent and it functions to prevent the eyes of the person from any itchiness or irritation caused especially whilst the change of the season or can say prevent the person from the seasonal allergies. The medicated ophthalmic solution is potent in its action and boasts off its therapeutic effect within few minutes of the instillation into the precarious eye.

What is the action forte of Zaditor Ophthalmic Solution?

Ketotifen functions by inhibiting the prostaglandin and leukotrienes synthesis by decreasing the activity of the cyclooxygenase enzyme and by inhibiting the action of phosphodiesterase enzyme, which is responsible for producing an allergy in humans.

What is the dosing calendar for Zaditor Ophthalmic Solution?

Patient in lieu of instilling the dose into an infected eye is advised to wash their hands and take off their makeup and contact lenses from their eyes to prevent any microbial flora spreading from hands to the eyes. Then add 1-2 drops of the Ophthalmic Solution once a day at nighttime and keep your eyes closed for minimum 30 seconds and then wipe off the excess fluid draining from eyes with the aid of a tissue. Continue the course of medication for the duration as prescribed by the physician to shield any relapse of allergy.

What are the precautions to be taken with Zaditor Ophthalmic Solution?

  • The patient should evade the use of any herbal or prescription medicines in simultaneous to Zaditor Ophthalmic Solution.
  • Pour Ophthalmic Solutions into the eyes only after taking out the contact lens from the eyes and prevent sharing your makeup products with other, who is having any infection of eyes.

What are the conditions in which an Ophthalmic Solution is prohibited?

  • Do not add drops of Ophthalmic Solutions in your eyes if in case your allergy increases and seek the immediate advice of the physician.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should not pour the medicine into their eyes prior taking the advice of the physician.

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