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Buy STAD 5000 Spray - Generic Lidocaine Spray 5000

Buy STAD 5000 Spray - Generic Lidocaine Spray 5000

Generic Lidocaine Spray 5000 - STAD 5000 Spray Online

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What do you understand about Stad 5000?

Stad-5000 increases the duration of sexual intercourse. It helps you to give the best orgasm to your female partner. Stad 5000 helps in complete satisfaction of both partners. It is also known as an anesthetic and it is the best skin lubricant that is odorless. It is also colorless and non-toxic. It is generally used externally over the genitals. It is used among those men who face premature ejaculation. It functions by increasing ejaculation time, and also raises the duration of lovemaking. Males can enjoy physical intercourse for a longer time.

What are the benefits of Stad-5000?

By using Stad-5000, you will notice following things:

  • Stad 5000 makes your nights enjoyable during intercourse.
  • Stad-5000 is effective, odor free, and gives a long lasting erection.
  • It revitalizes sex power, reduces sensitivity to delay climax.

What is the dosage information of Stad 5000?

You must spray this solution five minutes before sexual intercourse. Three or four sprays should be applied on male genital. The maximum dosage you may apply is 10 sprays to achieve desired results.

What is the method of usage of Stad 5000?

Shake your bottle before its use. Maintain a distance of two to three inches from your penile and spray on genital part thrice or four times. Spray on the head part of penile. Maintain an interval of five to seven minutes before you have physical intercourse. You need to spray it on hand and then gently massage penile. With Stad 5000, you are able to get a perfect and healthy erection.

What are the contraindications to follow with Stad 5000?

Stad-5000 is totally contraindicated in following medical problems such as cardiac problem, epilepsy, painful erection, myasthenia gravis, and liver/kidney disorder.

What are the safety precautions to follow with Stad 5000?

  • Stad-5000 must be contraindicated in patients whose age is less than 18 years.
  • Never use in patients who are suffering from renal, hepatic, or heart ailment.
  • Before applying the spray, always clean, wipe and dry your genital area.
  • Stop its use if you have allergies to this drug.

What are the consequences of Stad 5000?

Some harmful effects with Stad 5000 are burning of skin, abnormal vision, stomach upset, nervousness, skin irritation, seizure, vomiting, and hearing trouble.

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