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Buy Play Longer Spray Online - Generic Xylocaine Spray

Buy Play Longer Spray Online - Generic Xylocaine Spray

Generic Xylocaine Spray - Play Longer Spray Online

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Discussion about Play Longer Spray:

Play Longer Spray is one of the best solutions that are commonly sued for the treatment of erectile dysfunction or impotence. It encloses Lidocaine as the primary ingredient, which is used over the skin before lovemaking. Play Longer Spray helps a man to delay the ejaculation time as well as penetration power improves the time for sexual intimacy.

How does Play Longer Spray work?

Play Longer Spray (Xylocaine Spray) is a sodium ion blocker, controls the cell membrane, inhibits the transport of sodium ion, and improves the time of lovemaking. This action of spray provides you a longer effect; it helps you to make a longer and pleasing relationship during the physical intercourse.

What are Contraindications?

  • If the patient is oversensitive to Xylocaine HCL than do not use this topical application
  • Do not use If the patients having such medical conditions like coronary disease, cardiac disease, kidney failure, serious arrhythmia and retinitis pimentos

What are the probable drug interactions?

Avoid use of the following medication along with Play Longer Spray such as:

  • Beta-blocker drug like Metoprolol
  • Antipsychotic drug like Phenothiazines
  • Another local anesthetic drug- Bupivacaine
  • Tricyclic Antidepressant drug- Amitriptyline
  • Monoamine Oxidase inhibitors- Phenelzine
  • Anti-hypotensive drug such as noradrenalin 

What is the dosing regimen of Play Longer Spray?

Play Longer Spray is used above the skin, therefore; shake it well before the use of this spray. This medication should be use before intimacy for 3 or 4 times topically on the penis. Gently rub the skin while you apply this as it absorbs fast through the skin. Do not spray this drug not more than 10 times.

What are side effects while using Play Longer Spray?

While using this medication an individual may face some unwanted effects such as anxiety, drowsiness, loss of consciousness, nervousness, runny nose, confusion, respiratory depression, flushing, muscle aches, GI problems, heartburn, congestion etc.

Precautionary measures while using Play Longer Spray:

  • This should not be used along with alcohol, grapefruit juice, nitrate products to avoid unwanted effects.
  • Give up smoking and evade driving while taking Play Longer Spray.  
  • Do not try to use if you are under 18 year. 

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