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Buy Modvigil 200 MG Tablets - Generic Modafinil 200 MG (Provigil)

Buy Modvigil 200 MG Tablets - Generic Modafinil 200 MG (Provigil)

Generic Modafinil 200 MG (Provigil) - Modvigil 200 MG Tablets

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30 Tablets Modvigil 200 MG Tablets - Generic Modafinil 200 MG (Provigil) $1.73 $52.00
60 Tablets Modvigil 200 MG Tablets - Generic Modafinil 200 MG (Provigil) $1.15 $69.00
90 Tablets Modvigil 200 MG Tablets - Generic Modafinil 200 MG (Provigil) $0.94 $85.00


Allied benefits of taking Modvigil/Modafinil:

The generic salt present in the above brands is Modafinil, which is a wakefulness-promoting agent or can say a eugeroic that is crucial for the treatment of disorders such as narcolepsy, shift work associated sleep disorder and excessive daytime drowsiness due to obstructive sleep apnea. In slang language, it is a powerful cognition-enhancing agent. This medicine asserts people to stay awake, alert, active, cognitive and full of memory or creative and efficient.

Action forte of Modvigil/Modafinil:

However, the exact mechanism of action of Modafinil is not completely clear but the medication is said to be a selective, weak, atypical dopamine reuptake inhibitor. Due to this, the relocation of chemical and their signals from one nerve cell to other faints, thus, in turn, reduces the sensations of restlessness and agitation and tranquil the patient. The effect of single dose of this medicine lasts long up to 15 hours.

Dosing calendar of Modvigil/Modafinil:

The tablet is accessible in the strength of 200mg, which is to be consumed by the patient once in a daytime with colossal water. The medicine boasts off its best when consumed before starting the day or 1 hour prior to commencing the working shift or hours. You can take this medicine either with or without meals. An elder patient needs to take 100mg dosing in a day. The patient can continue its uptake for regular 12 weeks.

Malicious effects allied to Modvigil/Modafinil:               

A patient on this medicine might pose some malicious effects such as breathing trouble, fever, mouth cutting, dark colored urine, anxiety, stuffy nose, queasiness.

Prudent foresight allied with Modvigil/Modafinil:

  • Boozing, cigarette huff-puff, and junkie intake should be cut down when taking this therapy.
  • Motor riding, driving or machine operation after the medicine intake might be dangerous and met an accident due to intense drowsiness. 
  • Do not engulf this medication if you're of age less than 17 years.
  • Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers need the prior confirmation of doctor prior taking this medicine.


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