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Buy Cytotec Pill 200mcg Online- Generic Misoprostol 200mcg Pill

Buy Cytotec Pill 200mcg Online- Generic Misoprostol 200mcg Pill

Generic Misoprostol 200mcg Pill - Cytotec Pill 200mcg Online

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1 Kit Cytotec Pill 200mcg - Misoprostol 200mg with 4 Tablets $125.00 $125.00
2 Kits Cytotec Pill 200mcg - Misoprostol 200mg with 4 Tablets $122.50 $245.00
3 Kits Cytotec Pill 200mcg - Misoprostol 200mg with 4 Tablets $117.33 $352.00
4 Kits Cytotec Pill 200mcg - Misoprostol 200mg with 4 Tablets $117.00 $468.00


Product description apropos to Cytotec Misoprostol Pill:

Cytotec is a tremendous therapy to combat the undesirable pregnancy in women up to gestation age of 7 weeks. It is important to go for an ultrasound examination prior taking the medicine just to confirm that the pregnancy you are going to terminate is not the ectopic pregnancy and there are no other issues in your baby pouch.

Dosing calendar for Cytotec Misoprostol Pill:

The pill is needed to be taken under the guidance of a licensed OB. The dose can be taken either by putting under the tongue that is sub-lingual or by putting deep into the vagina. The pack of Misoprostol comes in a pack of 12 pills, each of 200mcg. A woman who is pregnant and wants to lose her pregnancy can put a set of 4 pills at a time into the vagina and repeat the similar step for two more times (4 pills*3 times makes 12pills) but maintain a proper lapse of 3-4 hours. A person may bleed after 3-4 hours of putting the medicine either into the vagina or in buccal and may bleed for 2 or more days.

The patient is advised to go for an Intra-vaginal ultrasound for the successful evacuation of the pregnancy from the womb of the patient.

Action forte of Cytotec Misoprostol Pill:

Misoprostol is the active ingredient of the brand Cytotec that boast off its effect via shattering the supply of progesterone hormone and inducing the strong pulsatile constrictions traveling through the uterus and expelling the fertilized egg out of the dilated cervix. The vaginal bleeding observed here is massive and includes the major chunks up to the size of an orange.

Malicious effects that a patient might observe:

Few adverse effects that woman on pills might come across are flushing, trembling in muscles, queasiness, headache, pain in stomach, back and feet, chills, alteration in vision and upset stomach.

Few prudent foresight allied to the intake of Cytotec:

Woman taking pills of Cytotec must not indulge in any sensual activity and must pull out their IUD from their vagina prior putting the pills into the vagina. Performing any strenuous activity or outdoor adventures is not a safe option with this medicine. It's better to avoid the booze, junkie, and huff-puff of cigarette smoke.

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Terrific customer support
Review by Harper
I have ordered these pills on best pharmacy,i'm not present at my delivery address.Their delivery agent waits for me almost for an hour.Thanks for support.
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Fast delivery and nice sevice
Review by Cora
i have ordered abortion pills on this site and my overall experience was good.I got my medicine on time ,customer care executives are great.
(Posted on 6/5/18)

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